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Title: The Aftermath: A Correspondent's Return to Gaza, Author: Sarah Helm
Title: Teotihuacán, Author: Karl Ernest Meyer
Title: Museum of Art, São Paulo, Author: P. M. Bardi
Title: Cinema, Author: Kenneth W. Leish
Title: The Alhambra, Author: Desmond Stewart
Title: Scotsman Englishman: Two friends. One thorny argument, Author: Finlay Young
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Title: The Forbidden City, Author: Roderick MacFarquhar
Title: The Entrepreneurial Woman, Author: Sandra Winston
Title: The Club: Living the Dream at the bottom of English Football, Author: Simon Akam
Title: Dance, Author: Jack Anderson
Title: The White House, Author: Kenneth W. Leish
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Title: Theater, Author: Jacques Burdick
Title: The Descent of Man: Investigating male suicide, Author: Finlay Young
Title: George Washington: A Biography in His Own Words, Author: George Washington
Title: The Danube: 2,000 Years of History, Myth, and Legend, Author: Joseph Wechsberg
Title: More Than Mere Survival, Author: Jane Seskin
Title: Twilight of Princes, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: Benjamin Franklin: A Biography in His Own Words, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: Sunrise and Stormclouds, Author: Roger Morgan
Title: Tower of London, Author: Christopher Hibbert

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