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Title: River Bones, Author: Mary Deal
Title: The Connecticut Corpse Caper, Author: Tyler Colins
Title: May It Please The Court, Author: Daniel Maldonado
Title: The Handfasters, Author: Helen Susan Swift
Title: No Room For Regret, Author: Janeen Ann O'Connell
Title: Looking For Henry Turner, Author: W.L. Liberman
#1 in Series
Title: Deadly Start, Author: Phillipa Nefri Clark
Title: Symbiosis, Author: R.S. Penney
Title: Bronze Magic, Author: Jennifer Ealey
Title: The Master Of Verona, Author: David Blixt
Title: Displaced, Author: Stephen Drake
Title: High Plains Holiday, Author: Simone Beaudelaire
Title: Death By Didgeridoo, Author: Barbara Venkataraman
Title: Wizard's Rise, Author: Phillip Tomasso
Title: The Swordswoman, Author: Malcolm Archibald
Title: Murder on Tyneside, Author: Eileen Thornton
Title: Magnolia Tree, Author: June V. Bourgo
Title: Academic Curveball, Author: James J. Cudney
Title: Chloe - Lost Girl, Author: Dan Laughey
Title: Call It Chemistry, Author: D.J. Van Oss

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