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Title: Wayne the Warrior, Author: Kelli Argento
Title: San Francisco Homicide Inspector 5-Henry-7: My Inside Story of the Night Stalker, City Hall Murders, Zebra Killings, Chinatown Gang Wars, and a City Under Siege, Author: Frank Falzon
Title: From Where I Stand: Memoirs of a Hairstylist, Author: Joyce Ann Key
Title: Uplift Your Mind to Lift Off the Weight: A Guidebook for a Holistic Approach to Health and Weight Loss, Author: Erika A. Washington
Title: Only Fourteen Days: Let God Happen, Author: Timothy James
Title: I Never Should Have Been Born, Author: Jimmy Smith
Title: He's A Cop, Author: Seth Williams
Title: The Girl in Lime Green Jeans, Author: Lindsey Miller
Title: End Time Dreams, Author: Jeffrica Williams
Title: Road Trip, Author: Ryan LaMantia
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Title: April Showers, Author: Diamond DuBoise
Title: When the Tears Dry, Author: Meredith Hawkins
Title: What is Thunder and Lightning?, Author: Heath Bradberg
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Title: On a Wire, Author: Ryan Lill-Washington
Title: Micky!, Author: Katie Weaver
Title: Authentic: A Memoir by the Founder of Vans, Author: Paul Van Doren
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Title: The Great Grasshopper War, Author: Glenda Powers
Title: The Power of Prayer: From Strength to Strength, Author: Shawn C. Woodie
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Title: My Wonder Years: As I Remember Them, Author: Jeffrey Pipes Guice
Title: Labrador Lily Gets A Home, Author: Lori Shaw

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