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Title: The Evolution of Sustainable Development in International Law: Inception, Meaning and Status, Author: Nico J. Schrijver
Title: Magnetic Reverie, Author: Nico J.Genes
Title: Working Postures and Movements: Tools for Evaluation and Engineering, Author: Nico J. Delleman
Title: The Student's Grammar of English, Author: Ek Jan A Van
Title: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Functional Relationships, Author: Nico J.D. Nagelkerke
Title: Surface Plasmon Resonance: Methods and Protocols / Edition 1, Author: Nico J. de Mol
Title: Tensions in the struggle for sexual minority rights in Europe: Que(e)rying political practices, Author: Nico J. Beger
Title: Islam, Colonialism and the Modern Age in the Netherlands East Indies: A Biography of Sayyid ?Uthman (1822 ? 1914), Author: Nico J.G. Kaptein
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Title: International Law and Sustainable Development: Principles and Practice, Author: Nico J. Schrijver
Title: Animal Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Alternative Approaches, Author: Cornelis De Haan