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Title: Psycho Kitties, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much, Author: Allia Nolan
Title: Hot Henry, Author: Robie H. Harris
Title: Winners and Losers, Author: Sydney J. Harris
Title: Messy Jessie, Author: Robie H. Harris
Title: Everything I Know about the Rat Race I Learned from My Cat, Author: Allia Zobel-Nolan
Title: The Whole Enchilada: A Spicy Collection of Sylvia's Best, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: Female Problems: An Unhelpful Guide, Author: Nicole Hollander
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Title: 101 More Reasons Why a Cat Is Better than a Man, Author: Allia Zobel
Title: Mercy, It's the Revolution, and I'm in My Bathrobe!, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: You Can't Take It with You, So Eat It Now: Everyday Strategies from Sylvia, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch, Author: Elizabeth Hilts
Title: Ma, Can I Be a Feminist and Still Like Men?, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: My Cat's Not Fat, He's Just Big-Boned, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: Hi, This is Sylvia.: I'm Not at Home Right Now, So When You Hear the Beep...Hang Up, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: The Tax-Deductible Wedding: More Wedding and Fun, Less Fret and Debt, Author: Sabrina Rivers
Title: If You Don't Know Where You're Going, You'll Probably End up Somewhere Else, Author: David Campbell
Title: Cats with Attitude: Two Volumes in One Collection, Author: Nicole Hollander
Title: Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial, Author: Nicole Hollander Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: An ABC of Vice: The Woman's Bedside Companion, Author: Nicole Hollander

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