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Title: The Queen of Ieflaria, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Tale of a Dragon Princess, Author: Lizzie Colt
Title: Empire of Light, Author: Alex Harrow
Title: The Empress of Xytae, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Daughter of the Sun, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Dragon Consultant, Author: Mell Eight
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Title: The Secrets We Keep, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: Ge-Mi: Part Two, Author: Mell Eight
Title: Love on the Hudson, Author: K D Fisher
Title: Ballerina Dad, Author: Amy Aislin
Title: Third Eye, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: The Queen of Rhodia, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Unraveling, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: The Spymaster's Secret, Author: Antonia Aquilante
Title: The Wolf and the Sparrow, Author: Isabelle Adler
Title: Forbidden Bond, Author: Lee Colgin
Title: A Christmas for Oscar, Author: Alex Whitehall
Title: Perilous, Author: Cari Z
Title: IM, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: Out of the Woods, Author: T.J. Land

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