Title: Wounded Alpha, Author: Mell Eight
Title: Empire of Light, Author: Alex Harrow
Title: The Spell, Author: Nancy J. Hedin
Title: Run in the Blood, Author: A. E. Ross
Title: Royal Rescue, Author: A. Alex Logan
Title: Love, Blood, and Sanctuary, Author: Brenda Murphy
Title: Daughter of the Moon, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: The Secrets We Keep, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: Glorious Day, Author: Skye Kilaen
Title: Limits and Stakes (Suit of Harte's, #3), Author: Jacqueline Grey
Title: Shoot the Moon, Author: Jacqueline Grey
Title: Chaser, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: The Midnight Man, Author: Kevin Klehr
Title: Hearts of Fire, Author: Kay Doherty
1 in Series
Title: Stable Hand, Author: A. E. Lister
Title: I am the Storm, Author: Tash McAdam
Title: To Hold a Hidden Pearl (Rossingley, #1), Author: Fearne Hill
Title: Burying the Hatchet, Author: A.C. Thomas
Title: The Queen of Ieflaria, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Hearts of Blood, Author: Kay Doherty
2 in Series

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