Title: The New Town Librarian, Author: Kathy Anderson
Title: Like Real People Do, Author: E. L. Massey
Title: Coven (Witch's Circle, #1), Author: Mell Eight
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Title: Three Kings, Author: Freydis Moon
Title: When Love Calls Your Name, Author: LBJ Harris
Title: The Magic Between, Author: Stephanie Hoyt
Title: Blood & Dirt, Author: Corey Niles
Title: Wrestling for Top: The Complete Collection, Author: Jack Stevens
Title: Big Love, Author: Rick R Reed
Title: The Q, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: The Secrets We Keep, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: See My Words, Author: Melanie Hansen
Title: Pieces of Me, Author: Melanie Hansen
Title: Prisoner (Steele Pack, #1), Author: GiGi DeGraham
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Title: The Family We Make, Author: Dan Wingreen
Title: Ballerina Dad, Author: Amy Aislin
Title: Nate and the New Yorker, Author: Kevin Klehr
Title: Turtle Bay (Tides of Change, #2), Author: John Patrick
Title: Stranded with Desire, Author: Vivien Dean
Title: Torn, Author: Rick R. Reed

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