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Title: The New Town Librarian, Author: Kathy Anderson
Title: Like Real People Do, Author: E. L. Massey
Title: Coven (Witch's Circle, #1), Author: Mell Eight
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Title: When Love Calls Your Name, Author: LBJ Harris
Title: Three Kings, Author: Freydis Moon
Title: The Queen of Ieflaria, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: The Magic Between, Author: Stephanie Hoyt
Title: Blood & Dirt, Author: Corey Niles
Title: Curses, Foiled Again, Author: Sera Trevor
Title: To Melt a Frozen Heart (Rossingley), Author: Fearne Hill
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Title: To Mend a Broken Wing (Rossingley, #4), Author: Fearne Hill
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Title: Moonlight and the Magician, Author: Evelynn Carver
Title: Gods of Inthya (Tales of Inthya), Author: Effie Calvin
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Title: Daughter of the Sun, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: The Empress of Xytae, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Stable Hand, Author: A. E. Lister
Title: Daughter of the Moon, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Catch Lili Too, Author: Sophie Whittemore
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Title: The Queen of Rhodia, Author: Effie Calvin
Title: Prisoner (Steele Pack, #1), Author: GiGi DeGraham
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