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Title: Financial Regulation of U.S. Banking and Securities Markets : An Overview, Author: Edwin P. Rouse
Title: Fairness in Taxation : Analyses and Perspectives, Author: Terry M. Brooks
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Title: Insomnia : A Self Help Handbook, Author: Sandy Sacre Ph.D.
Title: Essential Guide to Clinical Neonatology, Author: Jeanette D. Hoenig
Title: Physical Exercises : An Important Tool for Physical Therapy, Author: Cleber Ferraresi
Title: Exposed : Special Issues Regarding Agent Orange, Coal Mine Dust, and Radiation Exposures, Author: Wayne L. Miller
Title: Child Nutrition and School Meals Programs : Elements, Trends, and Policy Issues, Author: Lorene Romero
Title: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) : Prognostic Significance, Risk Factors and Clinical Applications, Author: Shelby Walters
Hardcover $174.10 $190.00 Current price is $174.10, Original price is $190.00.
Title: Parliamentary Reference Sources of Congress : House and Senate Governing Procedures, Author: Abigail L. Hanley
Title: Leveraging Community-University Engagements for Social Impact With Lifelong Penchants, Author: Rebecca Nthogo Lekoko
Title: Tilapia and Trout : Harvesting, Prevalence and Benefits, Author: Barbara Richardson
Title: Polyoxometalates : Properties, Structure and Synthesis, Author: Aaron P. Roberts
Title: Convex Optimization : Theory, Methods and Applications, Author: Arto Ruud
Title: Advances in Psychology Research, Author: Alexandra M. Columbus
Title: Advances in Cleaner Production, Author: Biagio F. Giannetti
Hardcover $189.00 $210.00 Current price is $189.00, Original price is $210.00.
Title: Learning Environments : Emerging Theories, Applications and Future Directions, Author: Kristy Wallace
Title: Modeling Social Behavior and Its Applications, Author: Lucas A. Jdar S nchez
Title: The Dodd-Frank Act : Rulemaking Coordination and Impact of Rules, Author: Candace Edmonds
Title: Motorcycle Crashes and State Safety Efforts, Author: Bruce M. Howard
Title: Bullying and Cyberbullying : Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies, Author: Conor Mcguckin

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