Title: The Untold Story of the Gusii of Kenya: Survival Techniques and Resistance to the Establishment of British Colonial Rule, Author: John S. Akama
Title: Transversing and Translocating Spiritualities: Epistemological and Pedagogical Conversations, Author: Njoki Wane
Title: Leg Power: Victor Wanyama, Author: Jim Asudi
Title: Emegiro y'Abagusii ba Kenya (Taboos of Abagusii of Kenya), Author: Nemwel Mogere Atemba
Title: Armageddon & Other Stories: An Anthology of Short Stories from Africa, Author: Andrew Nyongesa
Title: In the Murk of Life: An Anthology of Poetry, Author: Imali J. Abala
Title: Beaten Odds: Footprints of Uncertainty, Resilience, Adventure and Triumph, Author: Stephen Mabea
Title: Undeterred: A Rural Boy's Journey to the Pinnacle of Academia, Author: John S. Akama
Title: Sakagwa's Ghost, Author: Enock B Matundura
Title: Sowing a Seed of Faith and Hope: The Life and Mission of Abraham Khayesi, Author: Meleckidzedeck Khayesi
Title: Sabina the Rain Girl, Author: Christopher Okemwa
Title: Mines & Mind Fields: My Spoken Words, Author: Njeri Wangari
Title: Sakagwa Ng'iti: A Kisii Prophet, Author: Peter O. Nyambasora
Title: Where we Started, Author: Arthur Dobrin
Title: Guidance and Counselling: A Handbook for Teachers and Students, Author: Charles I. Tinega
Title: Ominous Clouds, Author: Christopher Okemwa
Title: Wanjiku in Global Development: Everyday Ordinary Women Livelihood Economy in Kenya, Author: Mary N. Kinyanjui
Title: Letter To The Prime Minister, Author: Justus Siage