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Title: Untitled (KOR), Author: Mark Tidsworth
Title: The ABCs of Religion, Author: Sherrill Gardner Stevens
Title: From Zion to Atlanta: Memoirs, Author: Walker L. Knight
Title: Never Repress Laughter: Stories to Bring Smiles, Memories, and Gratitude, Author: Earl D. Tillman
Title: Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts: A Story of Finding and Giving Acceptance, Author: Lynelle Sweat Mason
Title: Christmas: Then and Now, Author: Jon R. Roebuck
Title: How to Get Along With Everyone: by Blending Personalities, Author: Ruth McRoberts Ward
Title: Growing a Joyous Church, Author: Charles Richard Roberts
Title: It's Worth a Life: Hearing and Responding to God's Call, Author: Michael G. Cogdill
Title: Come in the House, Author: Howard Williams
Title: Prayer 365, Author: Michael L. Ruffin
Title: Reclaiming and Re-Forming Baptist Identity, Author: Terry Maples
Title: Ways of Thinking about God: The Bible, Philosophy, and Science, Author: E. B. Self
Title: Manners & Money, Author: C. Lynn Brinkley
Title: Onion Ring Theology, Author: Charles E. Taylor
Title: What the Willows Know, Author: Claude Douglas Bryan
Title: What a Touchy Subject!, Author: J. Brent Walker
Title: Baptist Spirituality: A Call for Renewed Attentiveness to God, Author: E. Glenn Hinson
Title: The Lighter Side: Serving Up Life Lessons with a Smile, Author: Brett Younger

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