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Title: Away from Home, Author: E. Brewster
Title: Bones about to Bloom, Author: Shari Andrews
Title: Managing Just Fine, Author: Joan Fern Shaw
Title: Losers, Author: F. G. Paci
Title: Summer Island, Author: Phil Murphy
Title: Turtle Drum, Author: Carol Ann Wien
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Title: City Boys, Author: David Le Stein
Title: Journey to India, Author: Frank Thompson
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Title: Taking Cover, Author: Keath Fraser
Title: Crucible, Author: Shari Andrews
Title: Double-Header, Author: R. Souster
Title: Fury, Author: David Watmough
Title: The Listeners, Author: G. Mcwhirter
Title: Native Blood, Author: J. Smith
Title: Of Time and Toronto, Author: Raymond Souster
Title: Harvest, Author: Bryan Moon
Title: Squatter's Rights: Stories, Author: Fred Bonnie
Title: Patriots and Traitor, Author: Jean-Guy Carrier
Title: Moon Country, Author: Denys Chabot
Title: Frank and Annie, Author: Joan Fern Shaw

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