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Title: 50 Object Stories for Children (Object Lessons Series), Author: Charlotte Cooper
Title: Souvenir, Author: Rolf Potts
Title: More Object Lessons for Very Young Children, Author: Sheryl Bruinsma
Title: Doctor, Author: Andrew Bomback
Title: Waste, Author: Brian Thill
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Title: Fake, Author: Kati Stevens
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Title: Cigarette Lighter, Author: Jack Pendarvis
Title: Jet Lag, Author: Christopher J. Lee
Title: Hair, Author: Scott Lowe
Title: High Heel, Author: Summer Brennan
Title: Object Lessons from Nature, Author: Joanne E. De Jonge
Title: Contemporary Object Lessons for Children's Church, Author: Lois Edstrom
Title: Refrigerator, Author: Jonathan Rees
Title: Concise Object Sermons for Children, Author: Robert S. Coombs
Title: Driver's License, Author: Meredith Castile
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Title: Object Lessons That Teach Bible Truths, Author: William Henderick
Title: Glass, Author: John Garrison
Title: Earth, Author: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
Title: Remote Control, Author: Caetlin Benson-Allott
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Title: Tree, Author: Matthew Battles

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