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Title: The Technique Catastrophe, Author: Bob Creel
Title: Deacons and Their Wives, Author: Leo R. LaVinka
Title: The LSB and Other Unusual Bible Questions: The Legacy Standard Bible and the Questions It Creates: Yahweh or Jehovah, Servant of Slave, Author: Steve Combs
Title: The Septuagint: The So-called LXX, Author: Harrison D. Williams
Title: What Day of the Week Was Christ Crucified?: Friday?, Thursday?, Wednesday?, Author: Bob C. Green
Title: The Translator's Greek Grammar of the Textus Receptus, Author: Steve Combs
Title: Ten Ways To Study Your Bible, Author: Bruce Lackey
Title: Papa's Porch Swing Stories, Author: Robert Bryan
Title: When the KJV Departs from the
Title: 21 Alleged Mistakes in the King James Bible: FOR EXAMPLE: Conies, Brass and Easter, Author: Jack A. Moorman
Title: How I Began Defending The KJB & Its Underlying Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek, Author: Donald A. Waite
Title: The Perfect Woman's Flaw, Author: Patricia R Williams
Title: Chosen For Deliverance: With the Well Advised is Wisdom, Author: Tyler Hartman
Title: Issues In Missiology, Volume IV, Worldview and World Religions, Author: Robert D Patton
Title: A History of the Baptists of the United States, Volume II: From the First Settlement of the Country to the Year 1845, Author: John T Christian
Title: The Church Age Saints in the Olivet Discourse: A Biblical Explanation of Matthew 24-25, The Pre-Tribulational View Verified, Author: Cooper III P Abrams
Title: Critical Race Theory: A Doctrine of Devils That Is Captivating the Minds of Americans, Author: David L. Brown
Title: Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit, Author: Lance T Ketchum
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Title: Can A Saved Person Become Unsaved?, Author: Dennis D. Helton
Title: Issues in Missiology, Volume1, Part 1B: Missions and Money, Author: Robert  D. Patton

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