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Title: Sacred Name Bible: Sacred Name King James Version, Author: YHVH Almighty
Title: ROSE PETALS: A Devotional, Author: Rose Reggiacorte Sieber
Title: Broken: A Pastor's Wife Shares Her Story, Author: Carol Dupre
Title: Defiant Daughter, Divine Grace, Author: Lorna Bogues
Title: BETROTHED: A Collection of Love Stories Reflecting an Ancient Faith, Author: Waller Family
Title: WHEN ALL DOORS CLOSE, Author: Desiree A. Pfister
Top Books of the Month
Title: I Survived The Holocaust: My Life In Poetry, Author: Renate Kaufmann
Title: THEREFORE: When Truth is Proclaimed, Action is Required, Author: Kay Bascom
Title: The Box of Red Marbles, Author: Roe Braddy
Title: Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey, Author: Mary a. Merritt
Title: JEWISH BREAD for GENTILE BEGGARS: Or...The Jewish Jesus for Gentile Beginners, Author: R. V. Constant
Title: THOSE WHO HAVE EARS, LET THEM HEAR: Companion Journal, Author: Dr. Jesse  J. Michaels
Title: End Times Scripture Handbook For Powerful, Strategic Praying, Author: Cheryl Zehr
Title: CHANGED FOREVER BY HIS GRACE: From Bondage to Freedom; Post-Abortion Brokenness to Healing and Forgiveness; Fearful Wanderer to Woman of Destiny, Author: Rhonda Lea Elliott
Title: For His Name Yeshua, Author: Rebecca Hazelton
Title: PEACE IN JERUSALEM But the battle is not over yet!, Author: Charles Gardner
Title: Faygala, Yiddish Refugee, Author: Betty Baker
Title: The Lighted Path, Author: Lyn Kirkland
Title: My English Cow, A Young Man's Poetic Musings, Author: Thomas Birk
Title: What's New About You?, Author: Karen Hostetter

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