Title: AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams, Author: Joanna Zylinska
Title: Anthropocene Back Loop: Experimentation in Unsafe Operating Space, Author: Stephanie Wakefield
Title: Bifurcate: There is No Alternative, Author: Bernard Stiegler
Title: Geological Filmmaking, Author: Sasha Litvintseva
Title: Plankton Dreams: What I Learned in Special Ed, Author: Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay
Title: Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis: Steps Towards a Metacosmics, Author: Daniel Ross
Title: Glitch Poetics, Author: Nathan Allen Jones
Title: Volumetric Regimes, Author: Jara Rocha
Title: Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies, Author: Winnie Soon
Title: In Catastrophic Times: Resisting the Coming Barbarism, Author: Isabelle Stengers
Title: The Neganthropocene, Author: Bernard Stiegler
Title: Nanjing Lectures: 2016-2019, Author: Bernard Stiegler
Title: Literature Matters, Author: J. Hillis Miller
Title: Sin Criterios: Kant, Whitehead, Deleuze y la Estética, Author: Steven Shaviro
Title: Fabricating Publics: The Dissemination of Culture in the Post-truth Era, Author: Bill Balaskas
Title: hyposubjects: on becoming human, Author: Timothy Morton
Title: The Interfact: On Structure and Compatibility in Object-Oriented Ontology, Author: Gabriel Yoran
Title: Lektüren - Interventionen, Author: J. Hillis Miller
Title: Feminist, Queer, Anticolonial Propositions for Hacking the Anthropocene: Archive, Author: Jennifer Mae Hamilton
Title: La naturaleza como acontecimiento: El señuelo de lo posible, Author: Didier Debaise

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