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Title: Jesus Before Christianity: With a New Foreword by Sr. Helen Prejean, Author: Albert Nolan
Title: The Hours of the Universe: Reflections on God, Science, and the Human Journey, Author: Ilia Delio
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Title: Reading the Bible from the Margins, Author: Miguel A de la Torre
Title: The Cross and the Lynching Tree, Author: James H. Cone
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Title: The Diary of Jesus Christ, Author: Bill Cain
Title: A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics and Salvation / Edition 15, Author: Gustavo Gutierrez
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Title: Dearest Sister Wendy: A Surprising Story of Faith and Friendship, Author: Wendy Beckett
Title: Father Ed: The Story of Bill W's Spiritual Sponsor, Author: Dawn Goldstein
Title: Resurrection Hope: A Future Where Black Lives Matter, Author: Kelly Brown Douglas
Title: Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide: Lessons in Engaged Contemplation, Author: Adam Bucko
Title: Jesus Before Christianity, Author: Albert Nolan
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Title: Vesper Time: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older, Author: Frank J Cunningham
Title: The Spirituals and the Blues - 50th Anniversary Edition, Author: Cone James
Title: Against War: Building a Culture of Peace, Author: Pope Francis
Title: A Black Theology of Liberation: 50th Anniversary Edition, Author: James H Cone
Title: No Guilty Bystander: The Extraordinary Life of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Author: Frank Fromherz Pre-Order Now
Title: The Nature of Theology: Challenges, Frameworks, Basic Beliefs, Author: Roger Haight
Title: The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love, Author: Ilia Delio
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Title: Loaves and Fishes, Author: Dorothy Day
Title: Beyond the Pandemic: Spiritual and Ecological Challenges, Author: Diarmuid O'Murchu

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