Title: 50 Jokes by Ava, Author: Marissa Trainor
Title: The River Journey: Navigating the Way With Jesus, Author: Robin Holman Loy
Title: Leap of Faith: Stories of Acceptance Illustrated Through a Child's Eyes, Author: JoAnn Warmijak
Title: Choices: Lessons Learned from a Repeat Offender, Author: Ron L James
Title: Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny: A True and Inspiring Story, Author: Steven Middleton
Title: How in the World Is That Vegan & Gluten-free?!: 100% Plant-based Comfort Food Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind!, Author: Eileen Bates
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Title: Curl Up and Die, Author: April O'Connell
Title: Sons of Light, Author: John Johnson
Title: Choice - Ron James Story - Bible Study: Lessons Learned From a Repeat Offender, Author: Ron L James
Title: I Am Jane, Author: April O'Connell
Title: Heaven Sent, Author: Danielle Lombardo
Title: The Greatest Days Are Ahead!, Author: Jr. Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez
Title: The Creative Energy of Positive Thinking, Author: Hector R. Ortiz
Title: Foundation Stones: The Beginning Steps of Your Christian Faith, Author: Christine Lee
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Title: An Urban Educator's Journey of Hope, Author: Anne Clark
Title: My Life With Gary: Coping With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Author: Jeannette Magaro
Title: UnBroken Love: Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction in a Christian Marriage, Author: Rachel Louise
Title: Amazing Adventure of Ava Appleby, TheThe Amazing Adventure of Ava Appleby, Author: Marissa Trainor
Title: Choices - Censored: Lessons Learned From a Repeat Offender, Author: Ron L James
Title: Emotional Wholeness: The Healing Power of Love, Author: Clinton Agnew

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