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Title: Astor Piazzola: Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival
Title: Wackos Thugs & Perverts: Clintonian Decadence in Academia, Author: Robert Oscar Lopez PhD
Title: Fallschirmjager: Storming the Gran Sasso: The Liberation of Mussolini, 12 September 1943, Author: Oscar Lopez
Title: Intimate Splendor, Author: Samhara Splendor
Title: My Destiny: Mi Destino, Artist: Oscar Lopez
Title: Flashback: The Best of Oscar Lopez, Artist: Oscar Lopez
Title: Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family 'Equality', Author: Robert Oscar Lopez
Title: Heat, Artist: Oscar Lopez
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Title: Viendo Morir a Teresa y Otros Relatos, Author: Herberto Espinoza
Title: Armando's Fire, Artist: Oscar Lopez
Title: Seduction, Artist: Oscar Lopez
Title: Cuentos Lejanos: Antologia de la Pagina Azul, Author: Antologia Varios
Title: Atrae El Dinero Ahora:
Title: Con los ojos del alma, Author: Oscar Lopez
Title: El Pensamiento Europeo y el Concepto de Celtibero: 1821-1939, Author: Oscar Lopez Jimenez