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Title: Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men, Author: Vince Miller
Title: From the Godfather to God the Father: The Michael Francise Story, Author: Michael Francise
Title: Hear What the Spirit Says to the Churches, Author: Marjorie Merz Fennell
Title: Understanding the Book of Revelation: A Simple Study of End Times and Verse by Verse Study of Revelation, Author: D.Min. David Baxley
Title: Radical Change: A Christian's Response to Secular Humanism, Author: Scott Leone
Title: Discipline of Disturbance: Stop Waiting for Life to be Easy, Author: Hud McWilliams
Title: Called to Act, Author: Vince Miller
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Title: Every Pastor's First 180 Days: How to Start and Stay Strong in a New Church Job, Author: Charles Stone
Title: When God is in the Classroom, Author: Laura Ackley
Title: The Lion, the Church, and the Warfare: Spiritual Warfare and the Church, Author: ED.D. David E. Schroeder
Title: Thirty Virtues that Build a Man: A Conversational Guide for Mentoring Any Man, Author: Vince Miller
Title: The Silenced Army, Author: Nichole Chavez
Title: Undivided: A Biblical Response to What Divides U.S., Author: Charles Clemons
Title: Jill's House: The Gift of Rest, Author: Jill's House
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Title: Satisfying Food for the Soul: Grace, Love & Taste by Phenomenal Women, Author: Mya Carroll
Title: You Misspelled Christian: How To Bring Heaven To Your Current Circumstances, Author: Rob Shepherd
Title: Senior Adult Ministry Volunteer Handbook, Author: Mikal Keefer
Title: Bad News Won't Change My Mind: The Sun Will Rise Again, Author: Mackenzie Kambizi
Title: The Anabaptist Evangelical Puzzle: Discovering How the Pieces Fit, Author: Darryl G. Klassen
Title: The Care Revolution: A Proven New Paradigm for Pastoral Care, Author: Dr. John W. Bosman

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