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Title: Changed From The Inside Out: Loving God, Author: C D Swanson
Title: We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life, Author: Patricia Tyson Redmond
Title: What She Feels, Author: Chidozie Osuwa
Title: In Love With My Best Friend, Author: Sheena Binkley
Title: Winter's Grace: How Anguish & Intimacy Transform the Soul, Author: K William Kautz
Title: Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Guide to Living a Better Quality of Life While Having EDS, Author: PT Kevin Muldowney
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Title: Tough Karma: A Race Against Time, Author: Laura Simmons
Title: One Day She'Ll Darken, Author: Fauna Hodel
Title: Miracle Man, Author: Todd Greiner
Title: What She Still Feels, Author: Chidozie E Osuwa
Title: An Iggie's Tale: Bugbears and Thieves! Oh My!, Author: Jamie Pienta
Title: African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities - Stories from West Africa and the African Diaspora: A Journey Into the Realm of Deities, SPI, Author: Alex Cuoco
Title: I'm Feeling It: Inspirational Poems, Author: Darryl Lorenzo Jenkins
Title: T-Bone the Flying Horse, Author: Janice Virant
Title: An American Thread: A Sailing Family's Adventure, Author: Tom and Jo Forrestel
Title: African Poems Volume One: À?? Òrì?à!: A Praise Anthology to Yorùbá Orishas, Rituals, Traditions and Wisdom, Author: Alex Cuoco
Title: Letters, to the Men I Have Loved, Author: Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol
Title: Heartfelt Connections - Short Faith-Filled Inspirational Stories, Author: CD swanson
Title: Up High In The Sky: A Book About Adventure, Author: Shamaiah Manriquez

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