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Title: Compassing the Vast Glove of the Earth, Author: R.C.  Bridges
Title: Barbot on Guinea, Author: P. E. H. Hair
Title: Africa Encountered: European Contacts and Evidence, 1450-1700, Author: P.E.H.  Hair
Title: Defend Your Empire and Faith, Author: P.E.H. Hair
Title: Early Study of Nigerian Languages: Essays and Bibliographies, Author: P. E. H. Hair
Title: English Seamen and Traders in Guinea, 1553-1565: The New Evidence of Their Wills, Author: P. E. H. Hair
Title: Before the Bawdy Court: Selections from Church Court and Other Records Relating to the Correction of Moral Offences in England, Scotland, and New England, 1300-1800, Author: P. E. H. Hair