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Title: The Mystery of the Trinity, Author: Richard Gid Powers
Title: The Island's Only Escape, Author: Matthew Phillips
Title: When the Tiger Weeps, Author: Mike OConnor
Title: Honest Deceptions, Author: Hannah Hess
Title: Because They Needed Me: Rita Miljo and the Orphaned Baboons of South Africa, Author: Michael Blumenthal
Title: Breakfast with Allen Ginsberg, Author: Esther Cohen
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Title: Island of the Naked Women, Author: Inger Frimansson
Title: The Woman Who Wrote
Title: The Man Who Beat Life, Author: William Herman
Title: Eye, Author: William Bridges
Title: The Fabrications, Author: Baret Magarian
Title: Unknown Places, Author: Peter Kantor
Title: Among Friends, Author: Mary Lou Sanelli
Title: A Passionate Engagement, Author: Ken Harvey
Title: Tom Hall and the Captain of All These Men of Death, Author: Russell Hill
Title: Listening to the Rhino: Violence and Healing in a Scientific Age, Author: Janet O. Dallett
Title: The End of the Sherry, Author: Bruce Berger
Title: Seaglass Picnic, Author: Frances Driscoll
Title: Hurry Along, Author: Sarah Plimpton
Title: Wonderful Flying Machines, Author: Barrett Thomas Beard

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