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Title: Leading Below the Surface: How to Build Real (and Psychologically Safe) Relationships with People Who Are Different from You, Author: LaTonya Wilkins
Title: My Alternate Universe: Anxiety, Autism, and Adventure in a Parallel Reality, Author: Jennifer Rosado
Title: You (don't) Suck: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Author: Max Masure
Title: I Can't Swim, But I Haven't Drowned Yet Notes From a Disability Rights Activist, Author: Melissa Marshall
Title: Just Keep Moving, Author: Sandra  P Beltran
Title: Your Friendly Neighborhood Hope Shop, Author: Mandy Mastros
Title: Lumination: Shining a Light on a Woman's Journey to Financial Wellness, Author: Heather Ettinger
Title: Fortunate One: From Nantucket to the White House: A Memoir, Author: Gary Holmes
Title: What a Woman Wants...: A Gathering of Authentic Women's Desires - Profound, Funny, Erotic, Powerful, Spiritual,Provocative And Sovereign Sisterhood, Author: Marie C. Nazon
Title: Sometimes You Find A Red Rhinoceros, Author: Andrew Myer
Title: Learning to Drive Your Bus: Your Guide to Creating a Simple Business Plan, Author: Beth Bolton
Title: I Sang Anyway: A Stepmom's Spiritual Memoir of Healing, Author: Rachel Merrill
Title: I Thought You Knew...: Confessions of a Chronic Assumer (and How You Can Stop Guessing Your Way Through Important Interactions), Author: Ellen Patnaude
Title: I'm Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization, Author: Jill B Yesko
Title: For the Love of Cake: An Entrepreneur's Journey, Author: Beth Bolton
Title: New Rules for the 6-Figure Job Search: How to Position Yourself for Success, Author: Trish McGrath
Title: The ART of Facilitation: Communicate So They Remember, Author: Tina Frey Clements
Title: Fighting for Change: Andrew Yang's Path Forward, Author: Maddon Hoh-Choi
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Title: WomEnchanting: A Compendium of Sacred Songs for Rituals and Celebrations, Author: Gina Martin
Title: My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God, Author: Ryan Joseph Allen

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