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Title: The Great Parent Revolt: How Parents and Grassroots Leaders Are Fighting Critical Race Theory in America's Schools, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: Back from Dystopia: A New Vision for Western Cities, Author: Steven Greenhut
Title: Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom, Author: Esther Wojcicki
Title: Dynamism or Decay? Getting City Hall Out of the Way, Author: Sal Rodriguez
Title: A Kite in a Hurricane No More: The Journey of One Young Woman Who Overcame Learning Disabilities through Science and Educational Choice, Author: Mia Giordano
Title: Saving California, Author: Steven Greenhut
Title: Living in Fear in California: How Well-Meaning Policy Mistakes Are Undermining Safe Communities and What Can Be Done to Restore Public Safety, Author: Kerry Jackson
Title: The Homeschool Boom: Pandemic, Policies, and Possibilities- Why Parents Are Choosing to Homeschool their Children, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: The Corrupt Classroom: Bias, Indoctrination, Violence and Social Engineering Show Why America Needs School Choice, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: Punting Poverty: Breaking the Chains of Welfare, Author: Damon Dunn
Title: Eureka!: The Way to Fix California, Author: Arthur Laffer
Title: Not As Good as You Think: Colorado: Why Middle-Class Parents in Colorado Should be Concerned About Their Local Public Schools, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: Winning the Water Wars: California can meet its water needs by promoting abundance rather than managing scarcity, Author: Steven Greenhut
Title: Choosing Diversity: How Charter Schools Promote Diverse Learning Models and Meet the Diverse Needs of Parents and Children, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: An American Education Agenda: Top 15 Recommendations for Improving K-12 Education, Author: Lance Izumi
Title: The Clean Power Plan's Economic Impact - State by State, Author: Winegarden Wayne