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Title: The One That Got Away, Author: Clint Hofer
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Title: It's Impossible to Commit to Maybe: A Bold Guide for Business Managers, Author: David  R. Lumley
Title: Birth Defect Identity Lost By Design, Author: Rodney Harris
Title: The Flywheel of Life and Leadership, Author: Ed Rapp
Title: On Love, Author: Zishan Evans
Title: Imagine There's No: A Novel, Author: James Kemper
Title: Princess: She's no ordinary princess. Her hidden secrets are out of this world!, Author: Robin Peddieson
Title: Safe and Sound, Author: Donna Ann
Title: The Loneliest Lions Fan: Sixty Years of a Fan's Frustration, Author: Dennis Merlo
Title: La Vida es Linda, Author: Isabel Chávez Haro
Title: Connecting the Disconnect: The Broken Link, Author: Michael A Francis
Title: The Started Colt: Horsemanship as an Art, Author: Bret Davis
Title: Surveys and Scams: A Chronicle of American Life, Author: Kirk Andersen
Title: South of Topanga, Author: Christine Kramer
Title: From the Other Side of the Bed: A Trauma Nurse's Personal and Family's Perspective during His Fight for Life While Being Infected with COVID, Author: Frank Mitchell
Title: Civil Bloods, Author: Steve Nelson
Title: Memoirs from Metropolitan University, Author: Reggie Smith
Title: Eighteen Years Seth: Growing up in Foster Care, Author: Brad Heyen
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Title: This is Your Book that Will Help to Enhance Your Life, Author: Rosa M. Altobelli
Title: An American Destroyer: USS Hamner (DD-718), Author: Kenneth Ericksen

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