Title: The One That Got Away, Author: Clint Hofer
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Title: On Love, Author: Zishan Evans
Title: Murder Makes Music: An Amy Bell Mystery, Author: David Schwinger
Title: Maeve's Makeup, Author: Alyssa D'Amicantonio
Title: Black History: Kids Edition, Author: Stephen Jones Sr.
Title: It's Going to Be Okay, Author: Marissa Lorenzana Wallace
Title: Gitca Golf, Author: Kelley Peter
Title: If I Only Stayed Longer, Author: Rev. Charles Nowell
Title: Ellen G. White A Psychobiography, Author: Steve Daily
Title: Lucky Enough: A Year of a Dad's Daily Notes of Encouragement and Life Lessons to His Daughter, Author: Chris Yandle
Title: When Life Throws You Lemons, God Will Give You Sugar to Make Lemonade!, Author: Carol Burns
Title: The life of TONY MARCEANO, Author: Leon Mason
Title: Opening Minds, Stirring Hearts: The Peace Studies Class, Author: Colman McCarthy
Title: It's Just a Mickey Situation, Author: Drucilla Hawkins
Title: The Silent Patient: A True Story, Author: Darlene Jamison
Title: Personal Quotes, Author: T.H. Wilson Sr.
Title: The In-Between Artist: The Story of Tony D'Orazi, Author: David F. D'Orazi
Title: Diary of A Mad Preschool Teacher, Author: Nonie Boyes
Title: A Tapestry Woven: From the past into the future, Author: Peggy Morales
Title: Freddie Mercury in New York Don't Stop Us Now!, Author: Thor Arnold

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