Title: Punishing the Criminal Corpse, 1700-1840: Aggravated Forms of the Death Penalty in England, Author: Peter King
Title: Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800, Author: R. Davis
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Title: Remembering and Disremembering the Dead: Posthumous Punishment, Harm and Redemption over Time, Author: Floris Tomasini
Title: Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises, Seventh Edition / Edition 7, Author: Robert Z. Aliber
Title: Integrative Health through Music Therapy: Accompanying the Journey from Illness to Wellness, Author: Suzanne B. Hanser
Title: Geographies, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond, Author: Lisa Funnell
Title: Thomas Hardy: The Complete Poems, Author: T. Hardy
Title: What is History Now?, Author: D. Cannadine
Title: Palgrave Dictionary of Public Order Policing, Protest and Political Violence, Author: P. Joyce
Title: The Vatican, the Law and the Human Embryo, Author: Michael Coughlan
Title: London Quakers in the Trans-Atlantic World: The Creation of an Early Modern Community, Author: J. Landes
Title: Financial Lexicon: A Compendium of Financial Definitions, Acronyms, and Colloquialisms, Author: E. Banks
Title: Survival Psychology, Author: J. Leach
Title: Dialogues at the Edge of American Psychological Discourse: Critical and Theoretical Perspectives, Author: Heather Macdonald
Title: The Myth of the Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment, Author: J. Moncrieff
Title: The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy: New, Updated and Completely Revised, Author: Lawrence Freedman
Title: Perpetuating the Family Business: 50 Lessons Learned From Long Lasting, Successful Families in Business, Author: J. Ward
Title: Modernism and Fascism: The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler / Edition 1, Author: R. Griffin
Title: Economic Analysis before Adam Smith: Hesiod to Lessius, Author: Barry Gordon
Title: How to Write History that People Want to Read, Author: A. Curthoys

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