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Title: Fierce Feminine Divinities of Eurasia and Latin America: Baba Yaga, Kali, Pombagira, and Santa Muerte, Author: Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba
Title: American Puppet Modernism: Essays on the Material World in Performance, Author: John Bell
Title: Successful Reading Assessments and Interventions for Struggling Readers: Lessons from Literacy Space, Author: D. Jensen
Title: From Siblings to Cousins: Prospering in the Third Generation and Beyond, Author: C. Aronoff
Title: The CEO's Secret Weapon: How Great Leaders and Their Assistants Maximize Productivity and Effectiveness, Author: Jan Jones
Title: Just the Facts Ma'am: A Case Study of the Reversal of Corruption in the LAPD, Author: R. Isaac
Title: Divided Lives: The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany, Author: Cynthia Crane
Title: Systemic Change Management: The Five Capabilities for Improving Enterprises, Author: G. Roth
Title: Neither Enemies nor Friends: Latinos, Blacks, Afro-Latinos, Author: S. Oboler
Title: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy: From Antiquarianism to the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, Author: Jamie Williamson
Title: Cosmopolitanism and Place: Spatial Forms in Contemporary Anglophone Literature, Author: E. Johansen
Title: Gaming Lives in the Twenty-First Century: Literate Connections, Author: G. Hawisher
Title: Mobile Professional Voluntarism and International Development: Killing Me Softly?, Author: Helen Louise Ackers
Title: Disability, Health and Human Development, Author: Sophie Mitra
Title: The Sunna and its Status in Islamic Law: The Search for a Sound Hadith, Author: Adis Duderija
Title: One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness, Author: Rasmus Hougaard
Title: Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe, Author: Patricia Skinner
Title: The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, Author: M. Rigoglioso
Title: The Legacy Family: The Definitive Guide to Creating a Successful Multigenerational Family, Author: L. Hausner
Title: Afro-Caribbean Poetry and Ritual, Author: P. Griffith

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