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Title: Letters from the Heart: A Young Army Doctor's 1969 Vietnam War Experience, Author: Dr. Jonathan Benumof
Title: Partita-a novel in linked short stories, Author: Kristina Baer
Title: Welcome to Pacific Grove, Butterfly Town U.S.A.: Two Monarchs Seeking A Sanctuary, Author: Joyce Krieg
Title: Two Centuries of Valor: The Story of the 5th Infantry Regiment, Author: Samuel Martin Kier
Title: Sun Valley, Moon Mountains, Author: Ajax Minor
Title: Walking For Our Lives, Author: Donna Rankin Love
Title: Maintenance Techniques for Interior Plants - Hip Pocket Edition, Author: David L. Hamilton
Title: Thirty-Seven Houses: Every heart finds a home, Author: Anna Vandenbroucke
Title: What Steinbeck Left Out, Pseudo Sins and Other Observations, Author: Phil Bowhay
Title: My Life in Pacific Grove: A Memoir, Author: Wilford Rensselaer Holman
Title: Dearest Umeno, Author: Nancy Tamura Shikashio
Title: Life in Pacific Grove California: Personal Stories by Residents and Visitors to Butterfly Town U.S.A., Author: Patricia Ann Hamilton
Title: California Country Boy: Book 1: Born Young, Author: Harold E. Grice
Title: A Journey of the Heart: Hemophilia Social Workers' Stories of Patients and Mentors Who Forever Changed Their Lives, Author: Dana Francis
Title: Pacific Grove at Your Feet: Walks, Hikes & Rambles, Author: Joyce Krieg
Title: What I Miss, Author: Harold E. Grice
Title: Hiking the Appalachian Trail, Author: Duncan L. Clarke
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Title: Through The Glass Ceiling, Author: Honor Moore Muller
Title: Child's Play, Author: Nancy Swing

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