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Title: Harmonies of Political Economy. Part II, Author: Frederic Bastiat
Title: The Philosophy of Trade: Or Outlines of a Theory of Profits and Prices, Including an Examination of the Principles Which Determine the Relative Value of Corn, Labour, and Currency (Classic Reprint), Author: Patrick James Stirling
Title: Fallacies of protection; being the Sophismes economiques of Frederick Bastiat, Author: Patrick James Stirling
Title: The Australian and Californian gold discoveries, and their probable consequences; or, An inquiry into the laws which determine the value and distribution of the precious metals: with historical notices of the effects of the American mines on European pric, Author: Patrick James Stirling
Title: De la découverte des mines d'or en Australie et en Californie; ou ..., Author: Patrick James Stirling