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Title: Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets: Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary, Author: Paul Dillon
Title: Research without Copying / Edition 2, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: Literature-Based Spelling and Writing Activities for Primary Grades, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: Read, Write, Now!, Author: Keith Polette
Title: Blunder or Brainstorm: Fact and Fiction of Famous Inventors and Inventions, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: Teaching Thinking Skills with Picture Books, K, Author: Nancy J. Polette
Title: Literature Activities for Primary Social Studies, Author: Charla Jones
Title: The Symphony, Author: Paul Dillon
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Title: Hellcab
Title: Kiss Daddy Goodnight
Title: Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs: What Your Kids Really Want and Need to Know about Alcohol and Drugs, Author: Paul Dillon Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: First Literature Experiences, Author: Janice Lance
Title: Trials, Author: Kristine Albert
Title: EarthWatch: Booktalks and Activities, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: Children of the Sea, Author: Gloria Levine
Title: The Magic in the Receiver, Author: Paul Dillon
Title: Write Your Own Fairy Tale, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support, Author: William Paul Dillon Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Multi-Cultural Literature: Books and Activities, Author: Nancy Polette
Title: Survival, Author: Nancy Polette

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