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Title: Peace Offering: Piano Meditations, Artist: Paul English
Title: Fire Angel: Genesis, Author: Paul English
Title: Sea Hearts, Author: Margo Lanagan
Title: Completely Unofficial River City Quiz Book, Author: Paul English
Title: Mao's Last Dancer, Author: Li Cunxin
Title: Mirrorshade, Author: Mike Wilks
Title: Mirrorstorm, Author: Mike Wilks
Title: The Unmourned, Author: Meg Keneally
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Title: Paul, Author: Morna D. Hooker
Title: The Tyrant's Novel, Author: Thomas Keneally
Title: Willie Nelson: Live in Amsterdam
Title: Mao's Last Dancer - Young Readers' Edition, Author: Li Cunxin
Title: Mawson: And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackelton and Amundsen, Author: Peter FitzSimons
Title: South of Darkness, Author: John Marsden
Title: The Soldier's Curse, Author: Meg Keneally
Title: The Drowner, Author: Robert Drewe
Title: Mirrorscape, Author: Mike Wilks
Title: Medieval Philosophy, Author: Sharon M. Kaye
Title: Coming Rain, Author: Stephen Daisley
Title: Dancing to the Flute, Author: Manisha Jolie Amin

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