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Title: The Dramatizing of Theology: Humanity's Participation in God's Drama, Author: Matthew S. Farlow
Title: The Word of Christ and the World of Culture: Sacred and Secular through the Theology of Karl Barth, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Title: Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction, Author: Brad Harper
Title: Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Title: New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Title: Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Title: The Art of God: Reflections on Music, Diversity, and the Beauty in You, Author: Jimi Calhoun
Title: Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
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Title: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Author: Karl Barth
Title: God's New Humanity: A Biblical Theology of Multiethnicity for the Church, Author: David E. Stevens
Title: New Wine Tastings, Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Title: Evangelical Zen: A Christian's Spiritual Travels With a Buddhist Friend, Author: Paul Louis Metzger