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Title: Classic America: The Federal Style and Beyond, Author: Wendell D. Garrett
Title: Shaker Woodenware, Author: Jim Johnson
Title: American Masterworks: The Twentieth Century House, Author: Kenneth Frampton
Title: Radio on Wheels: Eastern Edition, Author: Paul Rocheleau
Title: The One-Room Schoolhouse: A Tribute to a Beloved National Icon, Author: Paul Rocheleau
Title: The Berkshires: A Beacon of Beauty, Culture and Commerce, Author: Donna Kasuba
Title: Shaker Built: The Form and Function of Shaker Architecture, Author: Paul Rocheleau
Title: Mill: The History and Future of Naturally Powered Buildings, Author: David Larkin
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Title: Essential Book of Rural America: Down-to-Earth Buildings, Author: David Larkin
Title: Smithsonian Guide to Historic America (Volume 4): Northern New England, Author: Vance Muse
Title: Shaker's Dozen, Author: Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen
Title: Stone Houses: Colonial to Contemporary, Author: Lee Goff
Title: Berkshires, Author: Paul Rocheleau
Title: Smithsonian Guide to Historic America (Volume 2): Southern New England, Author: Henry Wiencek