Title: Blessed Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, Author: Clarence Jordan Jr.
Title: Broken Vessel: An Urban Suspense, Author: Vanessa Empress Hall
Title: In a World of People, I Stand Alone: PTSD and Autism Up Close, Author: Sheri Timmons
Title: Party of One: A Guide to Being Single and Happy!, Author: Loraine Bedford
Title: I AM WE - One Body, Many Parts: Life, Love, and Healing with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Author: Pat Suzie Tennent
Title: Straight Up From the Teacup, Author: Toni Dupree
Title: The Roots of Infidelity Go Deeeep, Author: Dewayne Williams
Title: Parenting Memoir: From the Heart of a Single Father, Author: Terrace V. White
Title: Grown Woman S.H.I.T. (Shifting How I Think), Author: C. Simone Rivers
Title: Three
Title: Authenticity Matters: A Guide to Purpose, Power, and Possibility, Author: C. Simone Rivers
Title: There Is Life After..., Author: Linda H. Williams
Title: You Are a Gift: A Teen Girl's Guide to Self-Discovery, Author: Eraina Tinnin
Title: The Other Side Of Through, Author: Rosemary  Hill
Title: Behind the Smile, Author: Mishia Bee
Title: The Bounce Back: Triumphant Stories of Resiliency and Perseverance, Author: Felicia C Lucas
Title: Believing Without Seeing: The Power of Faith, Author: Marlowe Scott
Title: Clarity: Beauty in Pain, Author: Lashundra Smith
Title: Talli's Ancestry Surprise: Beginning the Ancestral Search, Author: Marlowe R Scott
Title: God, Please Send Me a Prom Date: Your Father in Heaven Loves You Enough to Give You Just What You Need - Part Two, Author: Anna Mae Red Rose Johnson

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