Title: Silly Snow Days, Author: Melani
Title: Lurking In Shadows, Author: Ina E Shicoff
Title: A Mountain's Wisdom: The Slate and the Granite, Author: Jessica Janowsky
Title: Oceanus, Author: Linda Voller-Krase
Title: Discarded Patriot, Author: Ernest von Simson
Title: Primal Calling, Author: Barry Eisenberg
Title: My Safe and Cozy Space, Author: Angela Conroy
Title: The Copycat Killer, Author: Sarah Shelly
Title: The Ghosts of Dyas Creek, Author: Sylvia Weiss Sinclair
Title: Billy's Snow Day, Author: William Dunster
Title: Night Pictures, Author: Kurt McGill
Title: Shine: A Mountain Family's Survival:, Author: Larry Linder
Title: Children of Change: A Memoir, Author: Carole Kelly
Title: The Princess and The Dragon, Author: Elizabeth Love
Title: The Magic of Mackibar, Author: A. D. Jackson
Title: Shadow of Exposure, Author: Jeremy Moran
Title: Adsum: Mission and Passion, Author: Mark Durman
Title: I Think I Found a Fairy!, Author: Francesca Lucia Edwards
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Title: Miller Murder Mysteries, Author: TBD
Title: The Brown Donkey, Author: Margaret Molloy

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