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Title: Suburban Crazy an Embellished Tale, Author: Teresa Wallace
Title: Discarded Patriot, Author: Ernest von Simson
Title: Abigail Ababuddle, What Will You Be?, Author: Jessica D. Dolber
Title: Salt Water and Spear Tips, Author: Thor F. Jensen
Title: Virgo, Author: W. D. Boateng
Title: Chloe's Catch, Author: Cori Melvers
Title: Oceanus, Author: Linda Voller-Krase
Title: My Safe and Cozy Space, Author: Angela Conroy
Title: All in a Daydream, Author: Anne Nelson
Title: The Red Raven: Saunter James: Saunter James, Author: D. L. Knierim
Title: Future Past Present, Author: Walter Holder
Title: Iron Pants, Author: Elaine Meyers
Title: The Best Creature on the Reef, Author: Kelli Hofmeister
Title: Thoughts on Being: A Collection of Lyrical Verse:, Author: Robert Morehead
Title: Growing Pains, Author: Bailey Nadeen
Title: How the Mzungu Finds her Feet, Author: S M Bretherton
Title: Primal Calling, Author: Barry Eisenberg
Title: The Copycat Killer, Author: Sarah Shelly
Title: Dark Secrets, Author: Connie Spanhake
Title: The Golden Calf, Author: Terry Dressler

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