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Title: Statistics for Ecologists Using R and Excel: Data Collection, Exploration, Analysis and Presentation, Author: Mark Gardener
Title: Community Ecology: Analytical Methods Using R and Excel, Author: Mark Gardener
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Title: Ponds and Small Lakes: Microorganisms and Freshwater Ecology, Author: Brian Moss
Title: The Ascent of Birds: How Modern Science Is Revealing Their Story, Author: John Reilly
Title: A Field Guide to the Flowers of the Alps, Author: Ansgar Hoppe
Title: Call of Nature, Author: Richard Jones
Title: Solitary Bees, Author: Ted Benton
Title: Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists: Using Open Source Software, Author: Martin Wegmann
Paperback $51.33 $54.99 Current price is $51.33, Original price is $54.99.
Title: Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research, Author: Francesco Rovero
Title: Data Management for Researchers, Author: Kristin Briney
Title: The Call of the Carnivores, Author: Hans Kruuk
Title: Barn Owl Conservation Handbook: A comprehensive guide for ecologists, surveyors, land managers and ornithologists, Author: Barn Owl Trust
Title: Rebirding: Rewilding Britain and its Birds, Author: Benedict Macdonald
Title: The Eurasian Beaver, Author: Roisin Campbell-Palmer
Title: Bumblebees, Author: Oliver E. Prys-Jones
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Title: Ground Beetles, Author: Trevor G. Forsythe
Title: Where to Watch Birds in France, Author: Jean-Yves Barnagaud
Title: Snails on Rocky Sea Shores, Author: John Crothers
Title: Mosquitoes, Author: Keith R. Snow
Title: Bird Conservation: Global evidence for the effects of interventions, Author: David R. Williams

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