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Title: Lunch with Lizabeth, Author: Todd Hughes
Title: Best Microfiction 2022, Author: Meg Pokrass
Title: Pomona A to Z, Author: David Allen
Title: 100 Years of the Los Angeles County Fair, 25 Years of Stories, Author: David Allen
Title: Portrait of a Deputy Public Defender: or, how I became a punk rock lawyer, Author: Juanita Mantz
Title: Missing Shaun, Author: Thomas R. Thomas
Title: Best Microfiction 2021, Author: Meg Pokrass
Title: The House of Grana Padano, Author: Meg Pokrass
Title: Stumbling Out the Stable, Author: Sean Pravica
Title: Football, Author: Don Skiles
Title: California Continuum, Volume 1: Migrations and Amalgamations, Author: Grant Hier
Title: 99 Miles from L.A., Author: P. David Ebersole
Title: Borrowed Words, Author: Peter Wortsman
Title: Lift Your Right Arm, Author: Peter Cherches
Title: Black Box Poetics: Short Memoirs of Chaos, Author: Kendall Johnson
Title: No. Wait. I Can Explain., Author: Brad Rose
Title: Paradise Gardens, Author: Susan I Weinstein
Title: City Slicker, Author: Stephanie Barbé Hammer
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Title: False Memories of a Cape Cod Clam Shack, Author: Joel Huschle
Title: The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective, Author: J Bradley

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