Title: Purgatory Has an Address, Author: Romaine Washington
Title: The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective, Author: J Bradley
Title: Tales of the Mer Family Onyx: Mermaid Stories on Land and Under the Sea, Author: Susan I Weinstein
Title: Best Microfiction 2019, Author: Meg Pokrass
Title: Best Microfiction 2020, Author: Meg Pokrass
Title: How to Behave, Author: L. M. Rainer
Title: The Trampling Trembling Tanglelow Tale, Author: Greg McGoon
Title: The Treacherous Tingling Tanglelow Trial, Author: Greg McGoon
Title: Pomona A to Z, Author: David Allen
Title: 100 Cassettes, Author: Dennis Callaci
Title: The Royal Heart, Author: Greg McGoon
Title: Heart Like A Starfish, Author: Allen Callaci
Title: Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows' Trail, Author: Greg McGoon
Title: Self Empunishment, Author: Brian Walsby
Title: Football, Author: Don Skiles
Title: Unfortunately, Thanks for Everything, Author: T. Anders Carson
Title: Whistler's Mother's Son and Other Curiosities, Author: Peter Cherches
Title: Riven's Path, Author: Isadora Deese
Title: A Modern Way to Die, Author: Peter Wortsman
Title: The Posthumous Papers of Sidney Fein, Author: Robert Wexelblatt

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