Title: The Tangle Fairy, Author: Loren N Hackney
Title: The Shepherd and His Lamb, Author: Konni Byford
Title: Out of the Blue: A young man's journey from the palms of Vietnam to the pine forest of the West., Author: Ken Palmrose
Title: I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power, Author: Emmanuel Kulu Jr.
Title: Is It Over?, Author: Sandy Brehl
Title: Across the Seven Seas: An Immigrant's Story, Author: Al Lohn
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Title: Rocky Road Trucking, Author: Rachael Benson
Title: The Little Netherton Books: BoBo the Poodle, Author: Mary Ann Netherton
Title: The Little Netherton Books: Blueberry the Bear, Author: Mary Ann Netherton
Title: The Little Netherton Books: Mario the Goldfish: Book 1, Author: Mary Ann Netherton
Title: Enemy Territory: A Story of Diplomatist, Spies and Black Ops, Author: Al Lohn
Title: Lake Stories: The 60s, Author: Michael Ripley
Title: Swampy and Friends, Author: Kent
Title: Planning Your Ultimate Road Trip, Author: Rick Laird
Title: Halloween Hocus Pocus and Hijinks, Author: Suzanne Hill
Title: The Nest You Rolled Out Of!, Author: Carol Baker
Title: The Day I Saved Aunt Rose, Author: Terri Forehand
Title: Monopoly Games, Author: Steve Kahofer
Title: I Love My Bear, Author: Debra Toymil
Title: A Wonderful Day!, Author: Michael Samulak

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