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Title: I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power, Author: Emmanuel Kulu Jr.
Title: Cutting of Harp Strings: A Novel, Author: E. G. Kardos
Title: The Treehouse Story, Author: Jessica Gold
Title: Does God Know I Like Peanut Butter?, Author: Cindy Pesek
Title: Defeated, Author: James Voytek
Title: The Detective Carla McBride Chronicles: The Gold Fedora, Author: Nick Lewis
Title: Frankie the Flashlight Fish, Author: Katie Hevey
Title: Doreen the Gorilla Queen, Author: Meredith Henderson
Title: Felicia Tales: Felicia and the Groundhog's Day Misadventure, Author: M. Deborah Bowden
Title: For Such a Time, Author: Ellen Gillette
Title: Lost Dog Doodles: A Raspberry Noodles Kid's Adventure, Author: Jan Luck
Title: Deadly Déjà vu, Author: Flo Fitzpatrick
Title: The Little Cowboy Justin Series: Fishing with Ma, Author: Ann Drews
Title: And So, Ahmed Hears, Author: Dawn Doig
Title: When the Water Runs: Growing Up With Alaska, Author: Cheryl Schuermann
Title: I Love My Bear, Author: Debra Toymil
Title: Gabey the Bear's Beary Best, Author: Elizabeth Hoover
Title: La Premier voyage de pêche de Marisa: Les Ours aux grands pieds et leurs amis, Author: Dawn Doig
Title: The Concert and Travel Guru, Author: James Stoneman
Title: We Shall Soon Be There, Author: Michael Alaba

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