Title: Melody for Murder: A Bertie Bigelow Mystery, Author: Carolyn Marie Wilkins
Title: Blind Rage: A True Story of Sin, Sex, and Murder in a Small Arkansas Town, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died, Author: Karen B. Kaplan
Title: Closing Time: A True Story of Robbery and Double Murder, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Cold Blooded: A chilling, true tale of terror, rape, and murder in the Arkansas River bottoms, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Blood Silver: The Yocum Dollar, Author: Woody P Snow
Title: Wellspring of Evil, Author: Todd Parnell
Title: Donny Brook, Author: Todd Parnell
Title: Stream of Life, Author: Todd Parnell
Title: Reflections of the Moon: Retrospections on Earth, Mankind, and War, Author: Edgar Mitchell
Title: Belize Navidad, Author: Karen Hulene Bartell
Title: Summer of '58, Author: Janice Gilbertson
Title: Los Angeles, 1968: From Happy Ranch to Watts, Author: T. Lloyd Winetsky
Title: The Apostles of Apollo: The Journey of the Bible to the Moon and the Untold Stories of America's Race into Space, Author: Carol Mersch
Title: The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume 3, Author: Duke Pennell
Title: The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume 2, Author: Kenneth Mark Hoover
Title: In Sickness & In Health, Author: Barbara Edema
Title: POW: Promises Kept, Author: Linda Apple
Title: Best Left Buried, Author: Blanche Day Manos
Title: Murder Rocks: Alf Bolin and the Civil War, Author: Woody P. Snow

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