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Title: Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died, Author: Karen B. Kaplan
Title: Blind Rage: A True Story of Sin, Sex, and Murder in a Small Arkansas Town, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Melody for Murder: A Bertie Bigelow Mystery, Author: Carolyn Marie Wilkins
Title: Maria Juana's Gift, Author: T. Lloyd Winetsky
Title: Belagana-Belazana: An Outsider's Quest in the Navajo Nation, Author: T. Lloyd Winetsky
Title: We Are One: The Power of The Conscious Mind and Our Interconnection to All Things, Author: Edgar Mitchell
Title: Cold Blooded: A chilling, true tale of terror, rape, and murder in the Arkansas River bottoms, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Closing Time: A True Story of Robbery and Double Murder, Author: Anita Paddock
Title: Wellspring of Evil, Author: Todd Parnell
Title: Donny Brook, Author: Todd Parnell
Title: To Have and to Hold, Author: Barbara Edema
Title: Finding the Buddha: A dark story of genius, friendship, and stand-up comedy, Author: Eddie Tafoya
Title: The Best of Frontier Tales, Author: Duke Pennell
Title: A Lovely Murder, Author: Lori Ericson
Title: To March Into Hell, Author: Ron Parham
Title: Holy Water: Rule of Capture, Author: Karen Hulene Bartell
Title: Angels from Ashes: Hour of the Wolf, Author: Karen Hulene Bartell
Title: Worth Her Weight, Author: Janet K. Brown
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Title: The Question Is Murder, Author: Mark Willen
Title: The Death of Delgado and Other Stories, Author: Rod Miller

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