Title: Members One of Another: The Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting, Author: Thomas Gates
Title: In the Belly of a Paradox; A Celebration of Contradictions in the Thought of Thomas Merton, Author: Parker J. Palmer
Title: The Atheist's Guide to Quaker Process: Spirit-Led Decisions for the Secular, Author: Selden Smith
Title: Radical Hospitality, Author: Lloyd Lee Wilson
#427 in Series
Title: Live the Questions - Write into the Answers, Author: Barbara E. Parsons
Title: Approaching the Gospels, Author: Mary C. Morrison
#219 in Series
Title: A Zen Buddhist Encounters Quakerism, Author: Teruyasu Tamura
Title: Reflections on Simplicity, Author: Elaine M. Prevallet
Title: The Gathered Meeting, Author: Steven Davison
#444 in Series
Title: Loyalty by Oath: An Essay on the Extortion of Love, Author: Hallock Hoffman
Title: Jacob Boehme: Insights into the Challenge of Evil, Author: Ann Liem
#214 in Series
Title: The Available Mind, Author: Carol R. Murphy
#193 in Series
Title: Leading and Being Led, Author: Paul A. Lacey
#264 in Series
Title: Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions?, Author: Steve Chase
#445 in Series
Title: The Living Witness of John Woolman, Author: Phillips P. Moulton
Title: Quaker Anecdotes, Author: Irvin C. Poley
Title: Art and Faith, Author: Fritz Eichenberg
#68 in Series
Title: Bethlehem Revisited, Author: Douglas V. Steere
#144 in Series
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Title: Letting That Go, Keeping This: The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Fritz Eichenberg, Author: Philip Harnden
Title: Everymans Struggle For Peace, Author: Horace Alexander

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