Title: Mysticism and the Experience of Love, Author: Howard Thurman
Title: The World in Tune, Author: Elizabeth Gray Vining
Title: Non-Violent Action: How it Works, Author: George Lakey
Title: A Quaker Mutation, Author: Gerald Heard
Title: Invitation to a Deeper Communion, Author: Marcelle Martin
Title: Facing and Fulfilling the Later Years, Author: Elsie Marion Andrews
Title: Jacob Boehme: Insights into the Challenge of Evil, Author: Ann Liem
Title: Guide to Quaker Practice, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: No Cross No Crown, Author: William Penn
Title: Living in Dark Times, Author: Rex Ambler
Title: Scruples, Author: Gilbert Kilpack
Title: William Penn: Mystic: As Reflected in His Writings, Author: Elizabeth Gray Vining
Title: The Pendle Hill Idea, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: The Self to the Self, Author: Dora Willson
Title: The Quaker Doctrine of Inward Peace, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: Worship, Author: John Woolman
Title: Atomic Peace: The Chain Reaction of Good, Author: Harold C. Goddard
Title: Poetry among Friends, Author: Dorothy Gilbert Thorne
Title: In God We Live, Author: Warren Ostrom
Title: Replacing the Warrior: Cultural Ideals and Militarism, Author: William A. Myers

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