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Title: Living from the Center; Mindfulness Meditation and Centering for Friends, Author: Valerie Brown
Title: Patterns of Renewal, Author: Laurens van der Post
Title: Beyond Consensus: Salvaging Sense of the Meeting, Author: Barry Morley
Title: The Inner Guide versus the Inner Critic, Author: Christine Wolff
Title: A Deeper Faith: The Thought of Paul Tillich, Author: Carol R. Murphy
Title: The Mindful Quaker: A Brief Introduction to Buddhist Wisdom for Friends, Author: Valerie Brown
Title: Abraham Lincoln and the Quakers, Author: Daniel Bassuk
Title: In the Belly of a Paradox; A Celebration of Contradictions in the Thought of Thomas Merton, Author: Parker J. Palmer
Title: Meditations on the Prayer of St. Francis, Author: Anne Curo
Title: Mysticism and the Experience of Love, Author: Howard Thurman
Title: Holding One Another in the Light, Author: Marcelle Martin
Title: Depression and Spiritual Growth, Author: Dimitri Mihalas
Title: The Radiance and Risks of Mythmaking, Author: Gilbert H. Kilpack
Title: There is a Spirit - The Nayler Sonnets, Author: Kenneth Boulding
Title: The Quaker Doctrine of Inward Peace, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: The Nature of Quakerism, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: Alternative Christianity, Author: John Punshon
Title: Poetry among Friends, Author: Dorothy Gilbert Thorne
Title: Experiment in Faith: Quaker Women Transcending Differences, Author: Margery Post Post Abbott
Title: The Door In, Author: Renee Crauder

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