Title: Non-Violent Action: How it Works, Author: George Lakey
Title: The Inner Guide versus the Inner Critic, Author: Christine Wolff
Title: Mysticism and the Experience of Love, Author: Howard Thurman
Title: On Being Present Where You Are, Author: Douglas V. Steere
Title: William Penn: Mystic: As Reflected in His Writings, Author: Elizabeth Gray Vining
Title: Reality Of The Spiritual World, Author: Kelly Thomas
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Title: The Inward Journey of Isaac Penington, Author: Isaac Penington
Title: Barclay in Brief, Author: Robert Barclay
Title: Margaret Fell Speaking, Author: Hugh Barbour
Title: Members One of Another: The Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting, Author: Thomas Gates
Title: A Zen Buddhist Encounters Quakerism, Author: Teruyasu Tamura
Title: Lucretia Mott Speaking, Author: Lucretia Mott
Title: Matthew 18: Wisdom for Living in Community, Author: Connie McPeak Green
Title: For that Solitary Individual; An Octogenarians Counsel on Living and Dying, Author: John Yungblut
Title: Meeting at the Center, Author: Bruce Birchard
Title: Dear Gift of Life: A Mans Encounter with Death, Author: Mark Van Doren
Title: Our Hearts are Restless, Author: Gilbert Kilpack
Title: Quakerism and Christianity, Author: Edwin B. Bronner
Title: Dialogue with the Other: Martin Buber and the Quaker Experience, Author: Janet E. Schroeder
Title: Quakerism and Other Religions, Author: Howard H. Brinton

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