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Title: Escaping Wars and Waves: Encounters with Syrian Refugees, Author: Olivier Kugler
Title: Don Quixote of La Mancha, Author: Miguel de Cervantes
Title: Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic: Revised and Expanded Edition, Author: Bill Russell
Title: Picatrix: A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic, Author: Dan Attrell
Title: Lair of the Lion: A History of Beaver Stadium, Author: Lee Stout
Title: Where Honeybees Thrive: Stories from the Field, Author: Heather Swan
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Title: Charlemagne and Louis the Pious: Lives by Einhard, Notker, Ermoldus, Thegan, and the Astronomer, Author: Thomas F. X. Noble
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Title: Rousseau, Nature, and the Problem of the Good Life, Author: Laurence D. Cooper
Title: Rousseau's Platonic Enlightenment, Author: David Lay Williams
Title: The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations: An Old Testament Myth, Its Origins, and Its Afterlives, Author: Robert D. Miller II
Title: The Lady Doctor, Author: Ian Williams
Title: Mexican Messiah: Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Author: George W. Grayson
Title: Infinite Autonomy: The Divided Individual in the Political Thought of G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche, Author: Jeffrey Church
Title: Atra-Hasis: The Babylonian Story of the Flood, with the Sumerian Flood Story, Author: Wilfred G. Lambert
Title: Against Our Will: Sexual Trauma in American Art Since 1970, Author: Vivien Green Fryd
Title: Invoking Angels: Theurgic Ideas and Practices, Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries, Author: Claire Fanger
Title: Pier Groups: Art and Sex Along the New York Waterfront, Author: Jonathan Weinberg
Title: Damming the Delaware: The Rise and Fall of Tocks Island Dam / Edition 2, Author: Richard C. Albert
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Title: The Southern Levant under Assyrian Domination, Author: Shawn Zelig Aster
Title: Fallacies: Classical and Contemporary Readings, Author: Hans V. Hansen
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