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Title: Never Too Late, Author: Jo Barney
Title: Blood Sisters, Author: Jo Barney
Title: Her Last Words, Author: Jo Barney
Title: Another Story: A Smart Women's Fiction Sampler, Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: The Runaway, Author: Jo Barney
Title: Qualified Immunity, Author: Aime Austin
Top Books of the Month
Title: Impasse, Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: Don't Judge Me (A Secrets and Lies Novel, #2), Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: Under Color of Law, Author: Aime Austin
Title: L.A. Nights: Romantic Women's Fiction Boxed Set (Books 4 - 5), Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: Unlikely, Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: The Common Pleas Lawyer: A Casey Cort Novella, Author: Aime Austin
Title: The Edge of Nowhere WR: A Tale of Tragedy, Love, Murder and Survival, Author: C.H. Armstrong
Title: Falling for Home, Author: Jody Holford
Title: Clearer in the Night: A Meredith Falls Novel, Author: Rebecca Croteau
Title: Ditch Flowers, Author: Amanda Linsmeier
Title: The Secret Widow (A Secrets and Lies Novel, #3), Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: Shaken, Author: Sylvie Fox
Title: Natural Attraction, Author: Catherine Haustein
Title: Altered, Author: Kelly Cain

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